Power Industry

The world is struggling to meet the world's growing demand for electricity. The power industry has been looking for new ways to develop valuable energy resources more quickly, safely and efficiently, with minimal impact on the environment. FuRi Valves helps customers solve important challenges in coal power generation, natural gas power generation, nuclear power generation and other renewable energy sectors. From traditional power plants to nuclear and renewable new energy plants, FuRi valves help customers with different power ranges reduce downtime, optimize energy efficiency and create safer working environments.

Pumping station industry

In sewage pumping stations, in order to make the centrifugal pump start under light load, it is usually required to close the outlet valve of the pump first, start the pump set, and then gradually open the outlet valve after its rotation speed reaches the rated speed; To prevent backflow of media in the system, check valves must also be installed at the pump outlet; Because the instantaneous closing of the common swing check valve often produces the water hammer accident or the noise which will endanger the water pump system, it is necessary to set up the effective water hammer elimination device. Fhi valves are committed to providing all kinds of quality valves for pump station operation - station - type service.


In building plumbing systems, valves act as controls for fluid flow. Due to the difference in structure and material, valves [doors] are manufactured differently. The correct selection of valves is essential to ensure the highest efficiency, lowest cost and longest service life of the piping system. Valves have four main functions: starting and stopping the flow of media, regulating the flow of media, and controlling the flow of media. Prevent backflow or backflow and regulate or release fluid pressure. The choice of building piping system can be considered according to temperature, medium type and other factors. Fhi valves are committed to providing all kinds of high quality valves, providing one-stop service for the construction industry.

Hydraulic industry

From the domestic situation, infrastructure construction is the focus of China's economic construction, and the construction of water conservancy projects is becoming more and more important. With the increasing urbanization rate and rapid growth of urban population in China, the scale of water supply and sewage treatment in waterworks and sewage treatment plants is gradually increasing, and the pipe network is constantly increasing, so a large number of water supply and drainage valves of various diameters are needed. At the same time, the construction of all kinds of flood control, drainage, irrigation, water supply and drainage, hydropower generation, water resource maintenance, water resource protection and other projects that are brought into the management of water conservancy infrastructure also has a very strong demand for water supply and drainage valves of various diameters. Fuji valve [] is committed to providing slightly quality valves for water conservancy projects, to help water conservancy projects to solve the difficulties they face.

Coal chemical industry

Coal chemical industry is generally used in mining and utilization of mineral resources. Mining industry application of the valve requirements are strict, valve sealing performance is not good, corrosion and wear problems in production engineering caused by pipeline aging and valve wear, the need for frequent maintenance treatment, so because of the valve service life is short, high frequency of maintenance problems, resulting in a long downtime. Therefore, the mining industry needs new valve solutions to make mining and smelting processes safer and more efficient. Fuge valves utilize advanced technology to develop and optimize knife gate valves and other products, which can significantly improve the comprehensive performance of products and realize long production cycle of process automation.

Oil industry

With the increasing demand for oil and gas products worldwide and the depletion of oil and gas resources, the collection, transportation and processing technology and requirements of petroleum products become more and more complex, costly and face more and more personalized technical requirements. These operators often need to use a complex variety of valve types that are compatible with their final products. Fuge valves have a wide range of pipeline and delivery valve types that can help customers reduce operating costs and help operators cope with the challenges.

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