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Anhui Furi Valve Co., Ltd. is a modern valve enterprise integrating design, R&D, production, after-sales installation, maintenance, operation and management of large electromechanical pump rooms. The company's headquarters is located in Hefei National Economic Development Zone, which is "the famous city of Great Lakes and the highland of innovation". It focuses on the valve industry, builds the Furi "Hui Gong" brand, and inherits the spirit of Hui merchants. The company adheres to the entrepreneurial philosophy of "Dare to be the first and brave to fight". Its products cover environmental protection, electricity, heating, smelting, medicine, petrochemical, building, fire protection, and a full set of water industrial valves, which are exported to countries along the "Belt and Road". Through unremitting efforts and excellent quality, Furi Valve people achieve the goal of "revitalizing national industry and striving for a world-famous brand".

"Wandering is more anxious when the boat arrives, and the road in the middle of the mountain is steeper." After decades of development, my country's general equipment manufacturing level has reached the world-class level, and the future of big data artificial intelligence is our direction. If you don't accumulate steps, you can't reach a thousand miles; if you don't accumulate small currents, you can't become a river. Multiple inspections, strict control, serious and responsible. From the beginning to the end, with customer satisfaction as the core, we insist on doing things with integrity, being a pragmatic person, developing business with science and technology, and serving the country with industry. From the beginning to the end, humanistic care is regarded as an important connotation of the company's development, people-oriented, reflecting the value of life and career.

The way ahead is long and has no ending; yet high and low I’ll search with my will unbending.Looking forward to the future, Furi Valve adheres to the goal of building a century-old foundation and its ambition to be a millennium enterprise. Do not forget the original intention, forge ahead! Carve out excellent brands with heart, give back to the society and the country with high-quality products and good services!

Scope of business products:
The company's main products are ball valves, gate valves, filters, butterfly valves, globe valves, needle valves, traps, traps, plug valves, diaphragm valves, check valves, safety valves, discharge valves, exhaust valves, breathing valves, Balance valve, sludge valve, pressure reducing valve, plunger valve, hydraulic control valve, sewage valve, bottom valve, sight glass, flange, throttle valve, pipe clamp valve, emergency cut-off valve, angle seat valve, fluorine lining anticorrosion Valve, holding pressure relief valve, remote control float valve, liquid level control valve, slow closing check valve, digital lock balance valve, micro resistance slow closing check valve, silent check valve, adjustable pressure reducing valve, automatic control valve , Proportional regulating valve, proportional check valve, pipe force valve, backflow preventer, eccentric hemisphere valve, knife valve, bidirectional metal hard seal butterfly valve, special valve for fire fighting, gate valve, etc.
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